All You Need to Know About Aquamonix

If you are in the quest for water industry services, then Aquamonix is the right place. It was founded in 2015 following the achievement of three businesses. The businesses were engaged in creative product manufacture that serves the water industry. The goal of the business owners was to “re-invigorate” these businesses and redeploy their strengths on innovation and fulfilling their customer’s needs.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Aquamonix business features installed base with 20,000+ operating flowmeters, 5,000 migration controllers and 1,000 quality water sensors. Let’s give a quick look at different products of Aquamonix and see how they can make a difference for you-

  • Water Quality Sensors

The Aquamonix has a wide variety of water quality sensors providing long-term or enduring precise monitoring of conditions of water quality at remote sites. Their sensors are appropriate for Groundwater Applications or Surface Applications. Most importantly, configuration with a range of outputs is possible. Their sensors deliver the ability to determine single as well as multiple water quality parameters or conditions within the single senor offering users the option to pick the parameters best suited their application. You being a user have an option of the parameters including Ph, pressure, temperature, etc.

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  • Irrigation Automation

The Aquamonix offers customized irrigation facilitates process control and control systems. Their modular variety of control systems let users configure their product to perfectly suit their control and monitoring application.

Some of the examples are Apio Control Module, Gatekeeper Central, Micro Central, Lighting and Asset Control Module and a lot more. You can visit the Aquamonix official page to learn more about these products and how they work.

  • Flow Meter Products

The Aquamonix has been offering flow metering solutions for government, resources and irrigation clients for more than 35 years. Their offerings include plastic and steel flanges meters and flangeless meters for pipe and pits applications. Most importantly, their flowmeter manufacturing facility is ISO and NATA accredited – desired for robust and harsh conditions. Users can even access end-insert electromagnetic flowmeters.

  • Remote Monitoring

At Aquamonix, one of the core water industry services and offerings is none other than remote monitoring.  Without a doubt, it is at the core of every product, solution, and service they deliver. All of their products are built with attention on long-term remote monitoring. They can even remote assistance to instantly resolve the problem.

  • Cloud Data Hosting

Their locally hosted web server system offers highly secure data solutions to fulfill the particular requirements of government agencies, mining and environmental regulators.

If you are interested to learn more about Aquamonix, visit their official page and check out all the services and products they provide.