File tax returns in time to avail benefits

With the move of implementing GST – goods, as well as services tax, now all taxpayers, are needed to complete a set of compliance which makes it compulsory for them to submit many returns within every financial year. A few of them must be filed on a monthly basis in which information about invoices issued and also received shall have to be submitted with the goods as well as services network – GSTN. The GSTN shall be working as the storeroom of data with regard to the taxpayers which they can access sometime in the future.

It is essential to impart knowledge about the modus operandi of online filing of service tax return, let it start with a fundamental understanding of the ideas relating to the newly laid out goods as well as services tax.

Meaning of GST returns 

Returns make a set of forms within pre-arranged set up for reporting. This renders pre-requisite of needed information simple for the business and the taxpayers for the total disclosure of details. Each form is made in such a way as to make definite a total disclosure of each deal carried out by sellers as well as buyers.

Individuals to submit GST return

Every taxpayer who comes under the umbrella of goods, as well as services tax, should submit returns as made compulsory by the tax authorities.

Types of GST returns 

GSTR -1 

This form is made to impart the information of the supplies made outward of goods as well as services towards the tax authorities. This form must be submitted on the 10th of each month. This form builds a base for submitting further forms in that particular month. 


The GSTR-2A makes the auto-populated form that puts the receiver in position to view and study the information imparted by your supplier.


This form furnishes the information regarding the supplies made inward of goods as well as services as accepted and modified by the receiver of the goods as well as services. This form should be submitted on 15th of the subsequent month.


This form makes the auto-populated form which shall be generated subsequent to GSTR-2 by 15th of the succeeding month. In it are found corrections performed by the receiver and are sent towards the supplier who may admit or decline those modifications.

 GSTR- 3 

This makes an auto-populated form which includes all information submitted within GSTR-1 and GSTR-2.  It will enable the tax authorities to compute the tax payable subsequent to considering of availability of input tax credit. You can avail benefits of GST tax India by filing returns in time.


This form can be said for all such taxpayers who have made a choice for composition scheme. It shall be generated on the basis of quarters and includes information of the supplies made inward as already given in GSTR-1

 GSTR -4 

This form will include information imparted in an auto-populated form regarding details of supplies made outward. This form must be submitted on the 18th of the succeeding month subsequent to each quarter.

  GSTR- 5 

This form shall be submitted by any foreign nonresident but is taxpayer imparting information of supplies made outward; tax paid, imports, input tax benefitted, stock if left behind. This shall be submitted on 20th of the subsequent month.