Five Energy-Efficiency Tips to Keep the Cold at Bay

Despite the lovely spring-like sun some parts of the country have been enjoying in recent weeks, there is still a wintery chill in the air, especially first thing in the morning and in the evenings. So before you pack away your winter woollies and start preparing for summer, there are some simple things you can do to keep your home warm. For the distant future, purchasing the most useful appliances and devices – for instance those with the ENERGY STAR tag – is a beyond dispute way to set in energy savings. But for everyone in a grasp right now, here are five simple, cheap tips for a warmer, more useful home:

Boiler Pressure

As well as having annual checks to keep your boiler working at its best, you can also check the steam pressure is set to the lowest level. This will increase the effectiveness of your boiler and save energy.

Bleed Your Radiators

Many people have heard the term ‘bleed your radiators’, but not everyone knows what it means or how to do it. Radiators are heated using hot water, so if an air pocket gets into the system, this stops the water spreading evenly. In order to resolve this problem, the air needs to be released. Turn your heating off and then, using a radiator key, open the valve and wait for water to spurt out. Once this has happened you can tighten the valve. Finally, check the bleeding hasn’t altered the pressure, as if it is too low it may not reach the radiators at the top of the house.
Companies offering boiler repair Gloucester such as can offer the best system to suit your family’s needs. We’re already investing added-up money during the holiday season, so why not select savings with a prioritize thermostat? This simple home upgrade can curtail heating charges by up to 12% and will go on to lessen AC charges in the upcoming spring and summer – it’s a direct route!


If your walls, windows or doors have cracks, heat can easily escape. Repair any damage with insulation sealant and make sure your roof is properly insulated.

Have a Cuddle!

In homes up and down the country, arguments over whether the house is too hot or too cold are happening every day. If this is you, grab a blanket, some slippers and a nice hot drink and cuddle up on the sofa. With temperatures going from sub-zero to spring-like in just a matter of weeks, the latest prediction by forecasters is for heavy rainfall.

Smart Heating

The world is changing, and instead of guessing what time of day to heat your home, you can now control it from your phone. For a small initial investment, this system ensures you don’t come home to a cold house or accidentally leave the heating on all day, saving you both time and money.

It can be difficult to support your home’s comfort with your winter heating expense. We hope our tips will aid you to look for plenty of savings to hold you through the season. For even more clarity and control over your energy bill.