Get your website ranked on the first page

It is observed that 72% of people never scroll past the first page when they search something on Google. This implies that your website won’t get enough clicks and traffic that you must need to make SEO worth your time and money.

This all leads to a simple conclusion that the one who has developed a new website can’t afford to be ranking on the second, third, or fourth page.  Stellar SEO Company has the expertise to help you through it.

Ways in which your website can be ranked on the first page


  1. Start by using long-tail keywords

Searches with long tail keywords are one of the majority searches on Google. One should use these long-tail keywords because they are looking for very specific information, whereas short-tail keywords are more general.

Long tail searches have more advantages. For example they usually take less time and money.

  1. Get recognized and featured in round-ups

One can get featured his website in round-up posts easily with minimal time and effort. It’s basically a form of free advertising. One can get their websites stand out from thousands and thousands of other websites and thereby receive higher traffic and more number of clicks as compared to other websites.

All the results of roundup-style posts are verified and are the ones in which the authors review, recognize and analyze the top tools and websites.

  1. Create quality and relevant content

The best thing that one can do to increase their rankings with Google is to run a quality website. One has to focus on the quality of the text. Google prefers to see lots of text with correct grammar and spelling. It will also need to be exactly what people are looking for when they read the preview of a site: it must be an appropriate one otherwise your rankings will be docked.

  1. Use appropriate images that relate to the content

Google looks for images and pictures wherein image quality also plays a very critical role. One should find and create images that match the text and improvise the experience of the user. The images must not be copied otherwise it can damage the website rankings.

  1. Clear and appropriate Location Data

The off-site location signals are a major influence of any search engine rankings.
As search engines, like Google, are very advanced therefore they rely on offsite signals to determine the legitimacy and recognition of a business and local ranking of the businesses website. To achieve this one must make sure the name, address, and phone number is correct and verified. Bad or false contact information kills the chances of success and recognition to a great extent.