Hassle-Free Ways To Send A Parcel To Russia

Parcel sending is a mandatory aspect of our lives. We send various things to the other end for different purposes nationally and internationally. But, when one wishes to send a parcel to Russia, it’s crucial to know about the divergent services and their terms and conditions. Plus, the person needs to check if the particular item ready for departure is permitted in the heading country.

Safety semblance:

The earlier days of commotion between Russia and other countries have gone. Presently, Russian Federation is the fastest advancing export market in the UK. It stands fourth in the world’s export domain.

There has been reporting of approximately 15% increase of export from the UK in the year 2012. In just one year, the sum reaches around £5.5 billion. Since then, there is a steady growth of roughly 21%.

The options of export to Russia:

  • Many potential carriers efficiently send parcel to Russia. To name some few, UPS, DHL Express, TNT Express are in the leading position currently.
  • If we take an in-depth look at their coverage, we can view that UPS constitutes hundred and more offices in Russia itself.
  • The Russian nexus of DHL Express encompasses seven terminals in the most significant cities of the distinct country. They have one hundred and fifty offices prevailing in the areas of Magadan, Sochi and Kaliningrad and their neighbouring regions.  The delivery services cover up by and large six hundred cities and towns.
  • TNT Express encircles thirteen repositories in Russia. More than eight hundred staffs work there.
  • Additionally, many online bits of help is available to guide the people who desire to do business in Russia. They help you to grab the tariffs and customs procedures of Russia.

You are only supposed to send parcel to Russia if you are drop-shipping to a specified business address. There is no providence of delivery to private addresses. The Russian representatives will return your goods after reaching to the Russian customs if the end place is a non-commercial zone. You have to pay all the bills that come with it.

Things to remember:

In case of the commercial shipments, the customs invoice should not include any abbreviations.

  • It must take in certain facets:
  • Complete details of the items you want to send. It should embrace:
  • Model name and number
  • Material
  • Part number
  • Technical specifications
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Base country of the particular thing
  • Price
  • Unit
  • Recipient’s contact info
  • Freight cost
  • Insurance charges
  • Consignor’s stamp with the signature
  • A quick glance at the transit times:
  • Several factors are associated to the freightage to Russia:
  • Your chosen service
  • The parcel’s destination

Time needed for the materials to clear the customs

Keep it in your mind that due to the reinforced control measures charged by Russia’s Customs Authority for the verification of the complete compliance of the imported items’ documentation may take several days delaying the shipment progress. The delivery parties have taken decisive measures to curb the waiting period so that the clients can avail their goods on time. Be well informed about the customs parameters. In certain places, there are significant value limits of the shipments.

In general, the average time to send parcel to Russia from the UK is one to two business days in case of the indentures. It usually requires roughly two to four days for the packages to transport to the leading cities.

Follow the guide and be unbothered by any legal as well as illegal troubles. Send your parcel to Russia without any worry.