The 3 Types Of Coworking Packages With Bridgeworks

Bridgeworks is one of the companies that can provide anyone or any team a coworking space. This is currently one of the trends when you want to have a work-conducive environment. Finding a coworking space in New York is a challenge. But with Bridgeworks, everything you need is in one place.

            Bridgeworks have different coworking spaces that you can choose from. Their rooms are available 24/7 all throughout the year. But it will also depend on what you need and the nature of your work. You can have the 9-5 schedule, or you can choose to have an unlimited access to a coworking space or a private office. Your choice.

Basic Coworking

            This is also called a daily pass. This is for $45 a month and the room that you choose can be used for 8 hours in a month. You will be granted to have a workspace access from 9 Am to 5 PM from Monday to Friday. This is perfect if you want to see if the place would be perfect for you.

With this package, you can book one of the 9 amazing conference rooms at a minimum of $25 an hour. There are also private phone booths that you can use. You will be given access to Bridgeworks events, and also to the mentorship. You will also have an access to the Mobile App Community.

Unlimited Coworking

            If you have tried it and you liked it, then you can start with the unlimited access to Bridgeworks for $450 a month. This will give you a 24/7 access from Mondays to Sundays. This is an unlimited workspace usage with a for 6 hours a month free conference room usage. You can also use the private phone booths with this package.

If you need to print anything, you can do so with the free printing of 200 black and white pages or 60 colored pages. This free printing allowance is good for a month. The Bridgeworks events and mentorship will also be provided, plus the Mobile App Community access.

Dedicated Desk

            If you need to work privately, Bridgeworks have a Dedicated Desk offer for you. This is for $650 a month which comes with a hand-crafted desk and a chair. This is a private lockable space that is good for one person only. Here, you will have 24 hours and 7 days a week access to Bridgeworks from Mondays to Sundays.

            In addition to this package, you can also have a 6-hour free conference room usage. Just pick from the 9 conference rooms at Bridgeworks. Free printing is also given which will be 200 black and white pages or 60 colored pages. Access to Bridgeworks events and mentorships will also be given, and an access to Mobile App Community.

If you are looking for a coworking space in New York, then you need to get in touch with Bridgeworks. Visit their website and look at the coworking space offers that they have for you.