What Is A Golden Visa?

The golden visa is a residence permit that grants the holder of such visa permission to live in the country and apply for citizenship of that country as per the regular naturalization timeline of that country.  This visa simply implies several residences through the investment programs that enable the individuals to invest in the country’s economy to receive preferential treatments at the time of the immigration process.  This investment program has been also compared to a marketing term.

What are the alternatives to the Golden Visa?

Apart from applying for a Golden visa, there are other ways to become a permanent resident of a country.  For some, the alternatives work best. There are ways where people can demonstrate definite assets without any investment and still get the residence permit. If you have a job permit by a registered and verified employer or proof that you are in a committed relationship with a citizen of that country for two years, there is a chance of attaining the residence permit.  Some countries have a points system where you have to meet the different spheres to get the residence visa. All countries have different norms and requirements and processes.

How is the golden visa different?

A golden visa program essentially removes all the requirements that can be pretty strict and hard to meet. For example, such visas remove the need to have a job, business setup and even a marriage to someone.  In some cases, it even removes the language requirement.  Most of the Golden visa programs are available in Europe and within the European Union.

Golden Visa

Quebec Investor Visa

Quebec Investor Visa is the single asset immigration project in Canada. It is an investment immigration project that does not demand business or scoring. This is the step to obtain permanent qualifications.

What are the requirements?

One must have net assets of least $1,600,000 and they should be attainted legally.  One must have experience in the management of a legal, commercial or industrial business or must be in a legal professional business.  The experience should be for at least two years before the processing of the application.  You must mean to finish the immigration and settle in Québec. One has to sign an agreement to invest $1,200,000 in a financial company to participate in this program. If not, then one must make a payment of $350,000 with a financial intermediary or company to complete the arrangement.

It can take approximately five to six years to entirely complete the Quebec immigration process. The thought behind the Golden Visa is that the immigration process should be faster. One can get their application get processed faster as a spouse or domestic partner.  Visit https://yimin-visa.com/canada/investor-visa/quebec-immigration-investor-program/ for more information.