The Future of Conducting Examinations

Given the increase in the talent pool and competition for every position, various competitive examinations have become a reality of life. From positions at esteemed colleges to determining capability for a position one wishes to be hired for, the scores of competitive examinations play a huge role in determining who gets selected and who doesn’t.

The need to conduct such massive wide-scale examinations is obvious. However, the amount of capital and cost remains extremely high if one goes by the traditional methods. This is why online exam test software provides the needed relief to institutions conducting these examinations. In the current world that is becoming increasingly tech-savvy and connected, the change from pen and paper examinations to online examinations is a quite obvious step.

Reasons to Use Online Testing Software

  1. Decrease in the Cost

The change to online examinations immediately eliminates the spending on logistics and the physical test centres. This leads to a huge decrease in the costs incurred otherwise.

  1. Efficiency in Scheduling Time

By shifting the cumbersome physical process to an online platform, it is easier to implement flexibility in test scheduling. The evaluation of the test can also be done immediately, leading to quick delivery of results.

  1. Assured Authenticity and Auditability of Test Process

The shift to an online platform can ensure a higher level of security for the test, which also guarantees a high quality of assessment.

Possible Areas of Implementation

    • In monitoring and assessing students enrolled in a distance learning program with any university
    • To customize and administer the entrance exams for various colleges
    • Within a college, the degree/diploma exams can be conducted on the online platform since it has the capability to administer a high volume of tests simultaneously. Semester exams can also be planned and conducted this way.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easier to create competitive exams and quizzes and it is easier to conduct the same on such a platform as well

Salient Features of the Platform

  • The assessment plan can be created and modified according to the need of the organization. It is flexible enough for different users to design their unique plans.
  • The assessments can be accessed more easily since they work on all mobile and tablet devices.
  • The applicants sitting for the exam are given the freedom to choose the time-slot and given the choice of taking the exam from wherever they want

The application of technological advances in the sector of education through the adoption of an online platform for administering tests can help an institution to scale up their programmes and become more efficient. The available platforms employ top-grade technology to eliminate the problems otherwise present, such as the costs and difficulty in logistics and the delay in grading the examinations and presenting the final reports. Institutions like IIIT, UPES, and PLUMgrid have used these platforms effectively and seen positive changes within their organizations. Any institution that needs to conduct examinations on a wide-scale would be better off shifting to an online platform considering how much more efficient it is and the higher quality of assessment that can be administered through doing so.