Dance Mat Typing Levels 1 – 4 | What Can Your Kids Learn?

According to child development studies, typing can help improve the child’s writing and reading skills. When the kids show an interest on how to use the computer and if their hands are big enough to fit comfortably on a standard keyboard, it is considered appropriate for them to learn. However, using the computer is not all about where to go and how to use the search engines. It is very important that as early as 6 or 7 years old, they should start proper hand placement, and correct finger usage when typing on a keyboard.

Dance Mat Typing

This is a very popular typing training program/game for kids who want to learn how to touch-type. This game has four levels of difficulty and each level has 3 stages to complete. The game is perfect for children of all ages with it challenging obstacles that can develop your child’s typing, precision, and spelling skills. On each stage, different techniques will be learned and it will then progress to a much difficult task. Once a child is able to pass a stage, there is a ready-to-print certificate that you can give to your kid to encourage them to do more.

Typing – Kids Typing

  • Dance Mat Typing Level 1 (Stage 1 – 3). By the end of this level, your child should be able to know the proper placement of their fingers; like what keyboard keys should their middle and index fingers should touch while typing using the top row keys.
  • Dance Mat Typing Level 2 (Stage 4 – 6). On this level, your child will be interacting more with their animal guides on each game where they can help solve different problems while they improve their typing skills. The games on this level are all about accuracy over speed and they would be able to learn techniques on how to type faster. By the end of this stage, the kids would know the keys that their pinky fingers and their ring fingers touch when they are typing above the home row.
  • Dance Mat Typing Level 3 (Stage 7 -9). This level is more of the “advanced” level compared to the levels 1 & 2. This will include all the keys on the keyboard that the kid has learned on the previous levels and there will be additional learnings on this level as well. More characters will be added on these games and at the end of this level, they should already be able to type a few words and should be on their way to mastering the entire keyboard.
  • Dance Mat Typing Level 3 (Stage 10 – 12). This is the last level but expects that this will not be as easy as the previous levels. Once this level is mastered, you can print out a certificate to give to them as a reward for their efforts.

The Dance Mat Typing Program is highly recommended when your kids are eager to learn Typing – Kids Typing. The characters and the challenges on each stage will be more fun and exciting than the other to make sure that the kids are entertained while they are learning at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Dance Mat Typing and let your kids learn how to master typing in a short period of time.