How to transact bitcoins anonymously?

From the beginning, transactions that are made with bitcoins have been considered as anonymous. These days, a handful of companies have developed software to help track the movement of currencies. These services are used to track the revenue for law enforcement and in this article; you are going to know about a method that is used to transact bitcoins anonymously.

In this digital world, it is extremely difficult for you to hide your identity, because you will leave multiple digital footprints more frequently. Being a part of this digital world, using cryptocurrencies like bitcoins without revealing the original identity is trickier. And one thing that you need to know is bitcoin transactions are not anonymous and they are pseudo-anonymous and can be traced easily.

In bitcoin transactions, there will be nothing linked related to your name, email address and any other identity other than the public key. Though nothing is involved, still there is a way to track your name and other details using your public address and IPs. Thus this makes the transactions of bitcoins to be pseudo-anonymous. This is one way and other than this, there are several ways and tricks to identify you.

There are still methods to make your cryptocurrency transaction anonymous and one of the best ways includes bitcoin mixer. These mixing services are used to hide the identity of the users. This service will act as an extra protection layer, since all the transactions made with bitcoins are recorded in a public ledger called block chain. When anyone looks at this ledger, they can know the source or destination of the transaction.

When you make use of this bitcoin mixer, you will be able to hide those addresses and eventually, you can decrease the risk of traceability. Since there is a link between your public address and real identity, this relationship can be blocked with the help of the mixing services. These bitcoin mixers will assist to break the link between bitcoin public addresses.

It is made possible by generating temporary addresses or by replacing currencies with other addresses of the same value. This way, it makes hard to follow the transactions recorded in the blockchain. This type of service is the most popular one in the market and bitcoin users are more liable to it.

These bitcoin mixers are also referred to as bitcoin tumblers and there are so many mixing services in the market. Therefore, it is advisable for you to pick one which is more reliable and also has good reputation among bitcoin users. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about revealing your identity and you can transact any number of bitcoins to any address with less pressure and most importantly anonymously.