Types of Annuity You Should Know

There is a concern among all citizens about a future. As long as they are having incoming, they are well and good but what happens when that is not possible. When you lie in your bed and you are not able to work anymore. To your rescue, the annuity comes in your support. You can buy an annuity bond and be safe for the rest of your life. These annuities give an amount of money as a retirement amount internally or as a sum depending on the policy, you choose. There are several retirement annuities available for investors. To make a better decision you should be aware of all the types.

Immediate Annuity

An immediate annuity is the simplest form of investment in this category. In here, an investor has to give a lump of money to the insurance company. The company will thereafter give payments to the investor on a regular basis from that time itself. This annuity can be contracted to receive payments until a fixed period of time or as long as you live or your beneficiary lives.

The payouts in here are sensitive to interest rates. At the time of making your bond if the annuity rates were low, you are supposed to get low rates of interest for the rest of your future. There is a disadvantage that if you choose a policy that relies on your life and you die shortly then the annuity contract is wasted. It is intelligent to assign a beneficiary to your account that could live with the investment you made. Nevertheless, if you are to live for a long time it is the best option for you.

Deferred income annuities

When you go for deferred annuities, the payments are not made immediately. You have to pay a sum of money to the insurance company you make a bond where you have to give an age at wish you wish to get the money. You are given nothing until you reach the specified age motioned in the contract. Some people who are concerned after their retirement plans are most likely to go for a deferred annuity. Similarly, to the immediate annuity, this too is sensitive to interest rates but gives more payout rates. That is because the company can invest the money as long as you don’t reach the age, moreover, there is a risk that you won’t be alive that long.


Everyone should have a retirement plan to secure them until their lives are wasted away. The financial need is the basic need every retiring citizen should look for. Depending on the annuities return you can decide the one that would suit you better and to your best interest. You should be careful will choosing the policies. It would decide your retirement future.