Benefits of distributing promotional codes on Facebook, Instagram or any other online channel

Giving out discount vouchers and other promotional coupons have its benefits, but also its risks. One of the difficulties is that if a promotion is launched without restrictions, and without segmentation, it can have a negative impact on the image of the brand and the product, and that the users associate a lower cost. In short, making indefinite promotions and without limiting the scope can cause the brand and the product to lose value. On the other hand, if you offer promotional codes through an app, within a time-limited campaign, and in the target audience, it becomes an exclusive action, an advantage that can be taken before losing it forever. This is because the promotional code is not delivered without anything in return, but the user leaves his data and proves to be interested in the product. This allows a first filter, which is complemented by others that we can generate: the channel through which we distribute the promotion, the segment to which we disseminate through advertising, the fields that we request in the registration form, etc. Know more here about promotional codes

The main objectives of a promotional codes distribution campaign through an app can be:

  • Loyalty to customers.
  • Win new customers.
  • Spread the brand into new segments.
  • Obtain feedback from users by submitting a survey before obtaining the code.
  • Obtain the contact information of new leads to start working on them and convert them to customers.
  • Analyze the most attractive promotions and the most effective channels.

Steps to organizing a coupon and promotional codes campaign

The usual process for a promotional code campaign is:

  1. Define the type of discount you want to apply.
  2. Define the target of users who can benefit from this discount.
  3. Define the expiration date of the discount.
  4. Create a list of promotional codes.
  5. Distribute promotional codes.

How to use promo codes

  • Upload the codes to the app to be distributed to users, and present them in the ideal format.
  • Create and design the online coupon that will be distributed along with the codes with the Coupon Editor (optional).
  • Upload and submit instructions to redeem the promotion and its usage details.
  • Distribute the code at the end of the registration, and allow downloading it in pdf format or sending it by e-mail.
  • Validate the code at the point of sale with the Validation Portal.
  • Keep track of each unique code: which channels have contributed more users who have wanted the coupon, which channels have converted more to customers, filter by redeemed codes, etc).

• Send e-mails to remind users that they can still redeem the coupon and the expiration date.