How to stop the sun causing TV glare

Is glare on your TV ruining your watching time? Read on for some top tips for reducing this glare. Most people don’t like watching TV in the dark. The issue is flat-panel TVs seek to throw back light in the room. Even if you own a matte-screen LCD, light thriving off the screen is going to lessening picture standard in one way or another. This lead has some certain and some not-so-certain tricks and tips to assist you to ensure that no matter what lighting you have in your room, you’re still acquiring the superior picture standard.

TV ruining

The window problem

This is the most important thing. If possible, ensure the back of the TV faces the window, which will technically prevent any glare. This is not always possible, as many people have more than one window in their lounge. In this case, angling the TV away from the window as much as possible will really help.

A TV mount

As the sun moves, you really need a TV you can move too. This is where a TV mount comes in really handy, especially one with a pivoting arm. If you have this, you can move the TV according to the direction of the sunlight.

Anti-glare protector

It is possible to buy an anti-glare protection screen to place over your TV. If you have a lounge that gets plenty of daylight sun and you have more than one window, this might be the best option. This plastic cover will have the added bonus of protecting your screen from scratches and dust; what’s more, it is a useful addition for those with young children who may be partial to getting their crayons out!.

Anti-glare protector

Buy better blinds

Even with the curtains closed, sunlight will always find a way in. The best option is black-out blinds or shutters. Provided you have invested in quality double glazing in Evesham, you don’t need to worry about buying curtains that stop the cold, as the double glazing will do this job. Instead, you need a well-fitted and ideally bespoke set of blinds, which will look slick and modern along with your double glazing in Evesham.

In surmise you could dismiss the difference of control on plasma to lessen its brightness, but that’s not wise. With plasmas, lessening the light production does lessen the difference of proportion.


Although the majority of glare issues arise from sunlight, they can also arise from badly positioned lights. In a lounge or living room, ambient lamps are always preferable to a main room light. When you place these, try to do so behind or above the television. If you have an LED TV, you can also change the settings to increase the background light, which means you can turn down your other lights without causing eyestrain.

These simple but clever hacks will see the glare on your TV from sunlight – and lamps – improve, making TV watching more enjoyable.