Baby Sleeping Options


From birth up to 3 months, the phase marks to be one of the most crucial stages for any babies.  Sleeping of the newborn can give a lot of challenges to the new parents as for the newborn’s there is no particular time to snooze as we do being adults. Every newborn typically sleeps around 16 to 17 hours approximately each day with maximum of 2 to 4 hours of being awaken, day or night, for the first few week after birth.  In this however the fun fact is that the baby doesn’t sleep for more than 2 to 3 hours at a stretch with frequent feeding and comforting is required.

Baby Sleep 

best newborn baby sleeping options

Baby’s sleeping cycle are far shorter than adults. They spend more of their sleeping time in rapid eye movement or (REM) sleep, which means it can be easily disturbed. This is a very necessary event and indicates the changes happening in its brain.Once, the baby is in between 6 to 8 weeks their sleeping spells become somewhat shorter than the previous spell, the also the pattern changes from long night sleep and less day sleep. However they will still be up during the nighttime to feed. And the sleep becomes less light, non-REM and more deep.In these 3 months after birth the baby can sleep in the noisiest as well as brightest of places as they can feel the sound mother’s heartbeat, sounds of the digestive system and other body movements quite prominently from its nine month stay in mother’s utero. This impact define the baby’s remarkable sense of adaptation.

Baby Sleeping Options

To lower the certain risk SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, health experts and doctors recommend to keep the sleeping in the room same as that parents, approximately for about first 6 month or so. There are many good to best newborn baby sleeping options available in the market and depending on the budget as well as size of the room one consider the options.

Types of Baby Sleeping options.

  • Moses basket-Made from palm, maize and covered with foam matress. It is one of the most suitable option of sleep for the first few month. They are also light in weight that will help to keep the baby near him/her parents.
  • Carrycot– It can also act as pushchair or a buggy that actually doubles up the size of the bed. It is generally smaller than the cot and also gives firm support to a sleeping baby. Using a carrycot can smartly save money.
  • Crib
    Cribs manufactured with woods and are usually smaller than cots, making them perfect for the newborns. Cribs also come with a gliding or rocking options that helps to get the baby sleep very first during first few weeks and also adds to its soothing smiling nature.They are used up to 6 months and it gives a better value of money.
  • Hammock
    It is a sling that hangs from the metal frame covered with mattresses and sheets. It offer a very cosy and soothing environment.


There may be many Sleeping options for the newborn baby, however mother’s womb remains to be the best of the lot, with utmost safety and boundless love.