What is salt therapy (halotherapy)? And what are its benefits? Read here

Halotherapy or salt therapy is one of the most popular spa services that you can get. Salt therapy is very similar to the sea breeze where you get to breathe the salty air which remarkably has many health benefits aside from giving you a calming sense both mentally and physically.

Derived from the word “Halo” or salt in Greek, it is an ancient therapeutic method that is highly recommended by the old ways of healing that salt inhalation is very good for the respiratory system as well as to alleviate numerous health problems. Today, it is referred as dry salt therapy which started in Poland which also have its own different meaning called speleotherapy or cave therapy where it was proven after workers in a salt cave were found out that they have fewer respiratory illnesses.

Salt Room Therapy Australia

In fact, it is very popular that there are a lot of salt rooms in Europe and beyond because it is already proven that there are many benefits that a person can get from salt therapy. According to experts, the salt levels of the salt therapy affects our cell activity like boosting our energy and lowering our blood sugar levels, it is also a natural and very effective disinfectant considering that salt is a natural anti-microbial substance that eliminates bacteria. Salt therapy uses salts from an emptied processed forms or called pure sea salt harvested in the Himalayan mountains and the Dead Sea salt in Israel which contains 84 elements where a lot of it can be found in a normal human body while dry salt air is more potent compared to a moist air that you breathe.

The scientific explanation while salt therapy is effective in improving your health is because of the negatively charged ions that help our body to repair itself at the same time makes it more calm and relaxed by inhaling the particles which reduce inflammation and mucus in your lungs, thus it is an effective remedy for any flue, colds, or coughs, and asthma. It was proven via a scientific study where people that suffer from asthma can breathe easier after they underwent salt therapy.

It is an effective and natural way to heal different conditions, which is way more holistic compared to synthetic therapy that contains harmful drugs which in the long run could give a person bad side effects. It is very therapeutic because the salt that the person breath is broken down into microparticles which treat the body from different ailments. Aside from treating respiratory ailments, it is also good to provide healthier skin condition, better sleep, and improved physical fitness and endurance to the person who regularly has salt therapy sessions.

Psoriasis, acne, eczema, and rashes can be treated effectively with salt therapy by supporting the skin’s water balance to keep it hydrated at the same time become an effective anti-bacterial agent to relieve the skin from rashes and acne and make it healthier because of the minerals which help in detoxification, and cell production. Check out Salt Room Therapy Australia if you want to experience the health benefits of salt therapy.