The Dangers of Flavored Smoking

Vaping and E-Cigarettes are now in boom due to the popularity of different flavors available for consumption. However, a recent study suggested that the consumption of flavor-induced e-cigarettes have gone over the safety levels for human ingestion.

The new study, which was published in the Tobacco Control journal, says that a high level of exposure to the chemical used in the e-cigarettes may cause lung damage. Despite the FDA approval, the researchers found out that those flavoring which was deemed safe for human consumption, may not be as safe to instances where it is consumed through inhalation. This new study is alarming the authorities for the safety of those using those products right now.

E Liquids With Nicotine

Flavored Products contain huge level of harmful chemicals

There were a lot of samples studied in this endeavor, like vanilla, coffee, chocolates, bubble gum and cotton candy. Of the 30 products being tested 13 of those had more than 1% chemical component of the liquid solution, while there were seven others that had more than 2% of the chemical solution. Shockingly, two of the flavors showed a chemical level of more than 3% of the solution. This chemical was found to be benzaldehyde and vanillin, which are chemicals that have been studied to have an effect on our lungs, and may cause damage.

This study also notes that the average e-cigarette consumption of about 5 ml per day is more than the recommended levels of exposure to these chemicals. These puts users twice the level of risks.  The experts showed the concern for the younger population where this flavored  E-liquids with nicotine are targeted, as this small bottle of refills does not always put the exact list of ingredients used in the product.

The FDA approval hoax

The FDA approval shows no bearing as the experts suggest when the type of consumption is through inhalation, as there is a different factor in considering it as safe. The experts also note that despite claiming as an FDA approved product the companies making these products does not list the ingredients in the label that they are selling, which is a requirement for ever food grade product in the market.

The researchers also note that despite the small sample size used in the study, the flavors just from the ingredients they have can cause significant damage to the respiratory system. Reminding us to always check the label of whatever we are putting in our body, and the risk it carries. The researcher aims to have a wider sample for their next study and look into other variables that differ in inhalation and ingestion.


Whether you are about to try out or already using these e-cigarettes, always make sure that the chemical you are putting to your body is safe for your consumption and will not affect your health drastically. Also, beware of marketing strategies like this that exploits your ignorance of the different types of consumption of human beings.