The Ultimate Comfort Foods That Touch Your Soul

Comfort food can truly feed our body and our soul regardless of when people want to describe it, though, comfort food itself is timeless. Even a lonely child can binge eat his favorite chocolate cake to make himself a bit better, on in other cases, there are particular foods that provide us the much-needed solace as much as they energize us to get through that stressful day.

However, comfort foods are usually energy-dense food that is high in calories, sugar, fat, and salt, which proves the guilty pleasure that we always lust on. To put aside the negativity about the unhealthy effects of comfort food to us, this will not stop us from treating ourselves to eat our favorite comfort foods once or twice a week right? To give you more idea what comfort food to eat next, here are some of the best-baked comfort food, the best fried and the timeless comfort foods that are highly recommended for you!

baked comfort food

Maybe one of your favorite comfort foods is listed below, so check it out.

  • PIZZA- This has to be mentioned first in this article because this has to be the ultimate comfort food, the undisputed comfort food hands down regardless if it is a New-York style, Chicago’s Deep Dish, thin-crust, Italian, or simply a pepperoni pizza that is smothered in cheese, pizza is an all-time favorite especially if the toppings and ingredients are well combined.
  • CHICKEN WINGS- You can either choose buffalo wings, garlic and parmesan, teriyaki, or simply chicken wings drenched in barbeque sauce, these fried until crispy on the outside and very tender on its inside, chicken wings are very popular anywhere you go around the world. Each country has its own version of chicken wings that speaks for itself once you sink your teeth in.
  • PIES- This traditional comfort food dates back in the Medieval era when apple orchards run out of an idea of how they should be dealing with the excessive harvest they had for the season. Instead of feeding it to the already obese horses and farm animals, they decided to create one of the most beloved quick baking recipes
    of all time, the apple pie. Over the years, in Europe and in America, there are different versions of pie that use either fruit or meat in it which has different flavors and different descriptions of why it should have treated as comfort food.
  • SOUPS- Do you still remember when you are still a kid curling up in bed and has to skip school because you are sick? Being sick is horrible but once you smelled the aroma of your mom’s chicken soup, you can feel her love certainly. Soup is definitely ultimate comfort food, each spoonful of cream of mushroom soup, tomato soup, pumpkin soup, or that chicken soup, it warms your soul and makes you feel the very comfort of home.
  • MACARONI AND CHEESE- This timeless baked dish what makes you enjoy being a kid during your days. A bowl of macaroni and cheese on a Saturday lunch was the best part of the week especially if it is freshly baked straight from the stove.

·         CHOCOLATE CAKE- They say chocolates can mend a broken heart, how much more if it has three layers of it sandwiched together with a very moist chocolate cake, you might even forget your name after taking a single bite. Chocolate cakes are the favorite food for lonely people, especially those who are stressed. For obvious reasons, chocolate cake contains serotonin, an anti-depressant chemical that releases happy hormones.