The best watercolor painting tips

It is to be noted that the watercolor painting is completely different from another medium of painting. The people who are about to handle watercolor paintings for the first time will have various hassles. Obviously, it will be a great challenge for them. Some of the best tips which are to be noted while handling water color painting are revealed below.

Good quality paints

The watercolor paints are available in many different ranges. The painters must make sure to use the best quality paints. Basically the good quality paints may be of high cost. However, they are the best choice to increase the quality of painting. Hence one must always prefer to choose the best branded watercolor paints available in the market.


For watercolor painting the right paper must be used. The paper used for other normal drawings should not be used while using watercolor. Apart from this, the texture of the paper can be chosen according to the needs of the users. But at any extent, the cheap light weight papers should not be used for watercolor painting. It is also better to stretch the waterproof paper before starting the work.

Make it light

Almost all the people will make a sketch before starting the painting. In such case, the artists must make sure to hide the graphite marks as this will spoil the beauty of their painting to a greater extent. Hence the artists must make sure to make a light sketch which can be easily hidden while painting.


Using the right painting brush is more important in order to paint in the most comfortable way. The artists must always get rid of the cheap and local painting brushes as they cannot help in bringing their expectation. Hence without bothering about the cost, high quality brushes are to be used.

Masking fluid

While considering watercolor painting masking fluid is more important. It can be applied to the brush and can be applied to the white area in order to stop the influence of colors in these areas. However, they can also be easily removed once after completing the painting.

People who want to learn more about watercolor painting can go to the website where the classes are being taken. The classes which are taken by the best experts can be hired in order to learn water color painting at the best.