Things You Can Do with the Amount Left in Gift Card

There is nothing better to receive a gift card loaded with a lot of money. They are easy to use and keep as well. Whether it is a birthday celebration, anniversary, housewarming party, baby shower, marriage, graduation party, or any occasion, you can always give and receive gift cards. This is also a unique gift idea that is getting popular these days. You can always check the balance of your visa gift card and mastercard gift card balance to know about your expenditure.

But many a time you will see that your card is left with a little amount of money with which you can’t purchase anything new. Some gift cards do come with an expiry date as well, and even if you have some money remaining in the card, it will get lapse after the expiry date of the card. So, it is always better to exhaust such cards before their expiry date. Following are some ways which you can use and make the money amount that is left in the card useful:

  • Ask for cash

When you make a payment at a retail store by your gift card, ask the cashier if they can give the balance amount remaining in cash. This is so because there are some gift cards, out of which you can get the remaining money in cash. You can use the balance cash anywhere you want.

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  • Apply to your account

There are some gift card merchants who offer you to add the gift card to your account before redeeming it. For example, you can add the amount of the gift card with any e-commerce website’s account. So, if you haven’t redeemed your gift card yet, you can simply add it to your account so that you can continue shopping in the future.

  • Buy a store card

With a visa gift card, you can also buy a store card. This way, you can get a store card and can shop from the online store as well as from its retail store. You can find some fantastic discount offers on a store card which can help you to save money as well.

  • Donate the amount

This is one of the accessible options in order to exhaust your gift card. You can donate the remaining amount. There are some fundraising websites and applications which accept payments by gift cards as well. You can reuse the remaining amount for a good cause that is close to your heart.

Well, that’s all for how you can seamlessly utilize mastercard gift card balance in a useful way without getting it wasted. If you have any amount remaining in your gift card, too, then do check out the above-listed options to use the balance wisely.