Numerology – Role of numbers in every human life

Numerology is the supernatural power that is derived using numbers. Numbers are the important factor that plays a vital role in human life from birth till the end. It is explained and derived using mathematical terms. When you look around for various conscious factors, you can feel that numbers are there around you everywhere. It is everywhere in the form of music, nature, art, architecture and so on. In every aspect numbers are present in the form of codes and it will help in discovering a lot. Total numbers present are ten and with this every other bigger numbers are formed. Numerology is based on this ten magical numbers and it is the building blocks of giving out energy in different magical ways. Numerology also bridges the spiritual world with visible and touchable world.

With these numbers, each individual figure can be understood and all aspects are described right from personality, career, business, health, love life, family life to various relationships. According to our spirituality, there are even leisure activities that can be analyzed. When numerology is considered, one should check about the life path number and destination number that are essentially important. Each number gives unique result about life and every aspect should be considered important. Life path number gives the indication of life purpose and warns about the challenges and obstacles that come along the way. Destiny number is to predict few future facts and symbolize the opportunity that you have in upcoming future. These concepts are detailed in further with brief description. You can get info at and understand in depth.


Thus life path number is calculated with your date of birth and the destiny is calculated with the numbers that are assigned to alphabets of your name. These two are actually the important part in numerology and another one is the soul number that reveals about what you want to do for your life. This calculation is doe with the pick of vowels in your name and assigning number for it. Also there is another numerology prediction called maturity number that is calculated with the combination of life path number and destiny number.

To have a successful lifestyle, one should have all these four kinds of numerology to harmonize with one another. You do not have access to change the life path number but you can eventually change the others. Thus numbers are not like one is good and the other is bad. It is all about the strong and weakness area that moves smoothly for every native access. In every movement of life, numerology plays an important role and that helps everyone to see the possible solution to start over a new progress. It makes you understand all the luck facts using the calculation.