DIY Scanner Buyers Guide, You Deserve Nothing Less Than the Best

With the increasing popularity, 3D scanners are taking over the market. It is now being preferred more in industrial and professional fields as it gives people everything customized as they want. So for those who are looking to get into3D scanning, we have made this top 5 Best Diy 3D Scanners Buyer’s Guide 2018 to make your job easier and get the best one available.

  1. Handheld 3D Scanner high speed scanning: being light weight and portable, it is the best 3d scanner you can ever get if you give importance to precision. With its anti-interference design, it gives out high resolution scanning with superb depth. As the name implies, it is fast, scans wide objects with three cameras. The speed is 30fps which is pretty fast. It captures image as well as its depth at the same time giving out the accurate details. The one disadvantage noted for this gadget is that the installation is not that easy for a beginner. May be you need to contact the manufacturer support if you feel it is too complicated to install.
  2. 391230 Sense 3D Scanner: good looking design with superb performance is the first impression for this 3D scanner. With a hold handle, it is very easy to handle and carry which is light and the scanning surface is very high enough to get the exact details at just one swipe. It can be used for various operations of variousprofessions as it is pretty versatile. For the beginners it is quite easy to install and use. Talking about the con, the details captured can sometimes lag a bit.
  3. Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner: the first thing that people notice in this scanner is definitely its sleek look. Its very well built design with a good charging adapter and an easy power button. Also you can direct plug in of USB cable is to your laptop o power the devise which is quite convenient during travelling. It has got a rotating platform and moving camera which makes scanning easy and accurate. It is very affordable as well. The operation is very easy especially if you are using a 3d printer for the first time. The only defect is that it can be only used to scan small objects that would fit on the platform of the device.
  4. MakerBot Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner: the easiest 3D printer you can ever get is this model which is very user friendly, takes less space and gives high quality prints in artificial indoors as well. Accurate capturing of details point by point which can be printed with a 3D printer. The disadvantage is that sharp angled objects can’t give out a proper scanning result in this printer.
  5. XYZ printing Handheld 3D Scanner 1.0 pro: first thing to talk about is the superb cool design it has got which makes it hard to believe it is a scanner. Very easy, quick and instant results without any processing. The resolution is not that great which is one disadvantage.

Now you must got an idea what to choose. Choose it according to the size, budget, function, durability etc. which can fit to your preference.