Four Key Benefits of VoIP to Businesses

For any business, communication with customers and suppliers is key. This is doubly true for companies that have a customer services focus, so it’s not surprising that finding the right communication technology is a key factor for most organisations.

As VoIP technology has matured and become more reliable over the last few years, it’s become an attractive proposition, with many enterprises seeking to take advantage of the benefits it offers. This has led to something of a boom in uptake, but what are some of the key benefits the technology can offer?

Round-the-Clock Services

We live in an increasingly ‘always on’ society. No longer are consumers content to deal with businesses only during old-fashioned office hours. Increasingly, they expect to be able to call on a Sunday morning or a Friday evening and still be able to get a response.

Switching to a wholesale VoIP termination provider such as can help you manage the demand for 24/7 service. Flexible forwarding tools allow you to route calls differently depending on the time of day so that, for example, calls can be directed to a call centre in a different time zone when it’s out of business hours at your main office.

Cut Call-Back Costs

Calling back customers is often essential if you are to offer good service. However, it costs money and this can be a drain on the business. Using VoIP offers you lower call costs, so keeping in touch with your customers is cheaper and no less effective than using conventional methods.

This Time It’s Personal

Customer service is all about personal contact. Adopting VoIP allows you to give each member of your sales or services team their own number. This means they can give customers a number to get through to them directly in the event of a query, cutting out the need to navigate a switchboard or menu system. In the event someone is unavailable, you can automatically forward the call to another team member who is able to deal with the issue.

Local Numbers for Local People

Wherever your customers are located, they like to feel that they are dealing with a local business. The flexibility of VoIP allows you to give them a local number to call even though they may be ringing another district or even country.