With the advent of a digitalised age, there is a digital version for almost anything we do today, be it music, creative arts or media. Drawing and painting, for example, requires a lot of time, skill and material, and to create a masterpiece you need to cull out enough time and space. You have to sit down with a variety of different tools and materials to make a simple painting. Today, this has been reduced to one single computer screen and the same beauty and effect can be captured in a digital art piece instead of a real painting. This has been made possible by different editing and sketching software made for PC and mobile phones, which let you carry all your art equipment in your pocket.

Adobe Illustrator is a successful pioneer in this field, with a variety of options to let you create your own masterpiece digitally. This application can be tricky to master if you attempt to learn using it yourself, as the number of tools and options are vast and intimidating. To make this easier, several illustrator tutorials are made available online which are a click away from someone wishing to learn.


Why online tutorials?

Figuring out how Illustrator works all by yourself is not an easy task. Even if you do, there are so many options it has to offer that you might miss out on a lot of these settings without realising it. You need to have a working knowledge of digital media in order to start reaping benefits from Illustrator. Here are some reasons one should opt for online tutorials:

  • The Main Screen: when you enter the interface, there are almost hundreds of panels and buttons on display which will leave a beginner utterly perplexed. Getting started is the hardest part of Illustrator, and illustrator tutorials makes it really easy.
  • Video Tutorials: YouTube as well as many specialised sites offering tutorials offer a number of video footages that help you grasp the working of the application better. This is a great option at the beginner’s level, as seeing real time how it functions will be very helpful in putting those skills to use.
  • There are digital as well as multi media options available for you to avail, but that needs a certain degree of skill. Once you complete a beginner’s tutorial, you would be able to avail a higher degree of teaching on how to use these options.

How to sign up for tutorials

Illustrator tutorials, as highlighted before, are available on various trustworthy websites and are truly just a web search away. Beginner’s levels are generally free of cost but a higher level tutorial could cost you a small amount of money.