Wicked Article Creator Review

Wicked Article Creator is a reliable content generation software system. It is popular and the latest way for anyone looking for an easy way to create content.  It is affordable and comes with easy-to-use steps.  This automatic content builder comes with an article builder, cleaner and scraper. It is a single solution to all your article creation problems.

Versions and their benefits

WAC comes with numerous innovative functions, which will change the way you develop your content. It is a permanent solution, but the benefits you get from the software depends on which version you choose to buy.  If you go for the basic version, you will miss out multiple functions. They include making your scraped articles; you are limited and cannot access premium databases where you can find millions of articles. Besides, WAC provides different inbuilt tools to help you gain more.


The Premium version is exceptionalas it gives you super-spun content from scraped content from relevant topics for Tier-1.  It helps you to come up with readable articles because it spins per paragraph, which ensures that an article flows smoothly while remaining readable.

The software is high-speed than any other spinner out there. The Tier-2 is also great, though it gives sentence level spinning. If you want to create short or small reviews with high readability, use the premium version.

Wicked Article Creator removes signature information, ads, author bio, links, copyright claims and website promotion in all the scraped articles.  This software suggests keywords with its inbuilt keyword suggestion tools.  In addition, it can be used to fill up different sections of various websites including the author and about me sections.

The ability of WAC to add images and videos in the articles makes it a winner. The builder options include heavy and light spinning. You can also preset it for output quality of the GSA Search engine ranker, Ultimate Demon, SEnukeand Magic Submitter.

Lastly, WAC works automatically. With a single click, it fills up all the required sections.


One of the shortcomings of the software is that it does not confirm readability of the content. So, you might find the articles are not 100% perfect for human reading and you may have to go through the articles and make some editing. This is mostly common with the basic version, which has limited features.

 Scraping can come to a halt if Google bans your IP. For the software to work better, get private proxies. This software does not give you an option to use a third-party spinner, so it cannot use other types of spinning such as speech analysis.

You have to go through your content to ensure all the unwanted characters are removed.

Wicked article creator gives you quick high spun articles. With the free trial, you will understanf how the software works.  You can also find some discounts and offers to help you buy the software at a low price.