Optima are the go to batteries for you automotive and vehicle needs. They come with an array of purposes and are distinguished by the color of the tops of the batteries. They come in the colors red, yellow and blue. All these battery options are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) lead-acid batteries. These batteries are low maintenance and what is more amazing is they can operate at any angle without spillage. The technology Optima batteries use is that where cells are spiral wound with positive and negative lead plates.

  • Red top Optima batteries are great starting batteries. If you want your vehicle to power well once you start it, go for the red top Optima battery.
  • Yellow top batteries do not have as much starting power as the red top batteries. However they have amazing electrical loads that exceed average alternator output.  Yellow battery top batteries work great with electric vehicles such as the electric scooter and golf carts.
  • There are two types of optima blue top batteries; blue top with dark grey casing and one with light grey casing. Light grey casing blue top batteries are deep discharge batteries and have a “D” that sets them apart from other batteries. Dark grey casing batteries are starting batteries.

Optima blue top D31M

Properties of Optima blue top D31M

The “D” BEFORE 31M means this battery is a deep discharge battery. It is a cranking marine battery. The Optima blue top D31M is your battery of choice because:

  • It weighs 59.8lb.
  • This battery can have up to three times more recharges than other marine batteries.
  • This battery is ideal for boats and other marine machines as it can withstand high vibration levels.
  • It is easy to maintain. This is probably something everyone wishes of their machinery. During its period of service this battery almost requires no maintenance.
  • This battery can be mounted in any position without spillage.
  • This battery is a dual purpose. This means it can also be used for cranking engines as well as act as a deep cycle battery.

Clearly, when choosing the battery for you automotive, choice of battery is very important. You need to decide what the battery will be good for. The percentage discharge of its capacity will determine if the battery can work for a vehicle or marine machinery. Whatever your machinery, the Optima blue top D31M battery should be in your top list of batteries to consider if you are looking for a durable easy to use battery.