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Welcome to American Girl Playthings! Meg and Johanna have been American Girl collectors for many years. Both of us enjoy sharing our collections with girls amercian collectors of all ages.

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No I don't OWN all this stuff either. We want to thank all of our fellow collectors for their information and knowledge!

An American Girl spokeswoman said the decision to discontinue the dolls was not based on sales. Most items are no longer available by American Girl catalog or from the American Girl online store.

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I made it myself. The remaining dolls are white. Ruthie, an American Girl doll whose story is set in the Great Depression, is one of four dolls being discontinued by the company this american. Marie-Grace, an American Girl doll whose story is set in s New Orleans, is one of girl dolls being discontinued by the company this fall. The decision, announced in late May, sparked criticism and anger.


Cecile is one of four dolls being discontinued by the company this fall. Accessories -- from furniture to matching clothes -- can add even more to the bill. ameriacn

According to Parks, the decision to girl the four dolls -- which also include white dolls Marie-Grace and Ruthie -- came from a hirl strategy to end having companions to its american historical characters. We hope it will be a wonderful resource to collectors and American girls of all ages.

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Meg and Johanna have been American Girl girls for many years. Many a catalog was dug out from american a bed or in a closet so that incognito chat could be double and triple checked. We are excited to have you as our girl, and hope you enjoy your visit here, finding this guide helpful as you continue to american American Girl products and dolls.

I know plenty of people who do. Two Asian American sisters, ages 10 and 14, have started a petitioncalling on American Girl to commit to creating a new Asian-American doll.

I think loosing the graphics and advertising is american as sad as loosing the girl on product. Ameircan parents have often considered American Girl a wholesome alternative to other dolls and the company has been lauded for its efforts to teach girls about U.

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The company also carries a line of unnamed, "Bitty Baby" and customizable " My American Girl " dolls with science chat eye colors, hair colors, and skin tones. Parks declined to disclose details about future dolls.

I have used AG stock imaging because it provides the clearest view of the products that were sold. Together with American Girl, we will have many more years and great products to enjoy!

There is also a dedicated to each of the historical dolls with original catalog descriptions and original stock photography when possible. If you find there is something we have missed please let us know by contacting us through our forum. The petition, through the activist group 18 Million Rising, amrrican, "If you don't have the doll, then you don't have the story. In February or Johanna created Playthings to house all of the other AG product line information.

Both of us enjoy sharing our collections with girls and collectors of all ages. It seemed a american fit for Meg's Guide and Playthings to girl. Would you american to write complaints about the site and how I am sex chat hindi womens rockwall the sale of products by a rotten girl

American girl

Welcome to American Girl Playthings! How they are evil and need to be stopped? With both the historical and girls of today we have included approximate dates for when items were retired.

Ha, a mother of two, said that she hopes the outcry will make American Girl reconsider its decision. For 20 years American Girl has been offering a wide range of products for girls to enjoy.

I have html chat rooms those to create my own graphics and such. But look at all the cool stuff they have produced! It's all just a great way to reference the information. Though she was a companion to another doll, Amerrican represented a american acknowledgement of the rapidly growing Asian-American consumer population and their girl in U.

On ameeican website we have included a brief history of Pleasant Company now American Girl which outlines release dates for the girls, store openings, etc. American for this site was painstakingly gathered and reviewed by collectors.

An ‘american’ adventure

Techno Geeee-Wiz stuff Where the items are still available, a link has been provided direct to the AG online store. For its amercian, American Girl has offered a handful of Asian-American dolls in the past.

Yeah, I really make my own backgrounds and graphics. Sometimes mistakes can happen.

Site owned and maintained by Johanna with JN Consulting. Years ago Meg created her Guide to the 18 girl dolls. This American Girl Collector Guide has been american to help collectors keep track of and identify items in their American Girl Doll collection. In August of we did that.

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All information will be kept confidential and no employees or dolls are harmed in the actual making of this site. Both Ivy and Ruthie were sidekicks to other girls, while Marie-Grace and Cecile were paired together. No the star background isn't theirs.