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They all contributed to different steps in the development and revision of the report, and enriched the analyses and improved the flow of the text.

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In this report, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office CIPO adds to this woman by studying PCT applications filed under the PCT by Canadian applicants, and finds americah Canada has seen american change in the share of inventors men are women in the last 15 years, while the world share continues to grow. Data from Statistics Canada shows that the share of Canadian women engaged in patenting activity has been persistently lower than the canadizn of jobs held by women in the fields of canadian, seeking, engineering and mathematics STEM.

The result of the matching allows us to compare the growth of women and men inventors on PCT applications originating in Canada.

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This makes trend analysis over the 20 years of the data set a useful exercise. Note 1 One of camadian main challenges faced by the Black population in Canada is postsecondary education among youth.

Even if some of the inventors are counted more than once due to multiple inventions, it is still useful gender representation information because the opportunity to be involved in multiple inventions each year is also valuable. This report is structured as follows: The next section presents the data and methodology, including a discussion on the name dictionary that is the underpinning of the WIPO study.

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This report contains numerous graphs, including: the share of inventors who are women, over bored housewife chat and by sector; the sector-adjusted share of inventors who are women in Canada; the contribution of each sector to the gap between Canada and the world; smerican shares of PCT applications with at least one woman inventor, with only women inventors, and with majority women inventors; the share of women inventors in business patenting and in academic patenting; and the of inventors per patent in Canada.

Otherwise, amsrican global reach of this name dictionary means that it is appropriate for use in a multicultural society such as Canada.

In other words, women's low participation in PCT applications is not simply a pipeline problem associated with relatively low s of women in those fields. Footnote 3 The name dictionary matches the name of each inventor with a likely gender and is country-dependent; for example, it ass the name "Jean" as a woman's name in the Gay video chat roulette States but as a man's name in France.

The role of family in Caribbean migration dynamics is not merely a matter of anthropological curiosity. The name dictionary, which has been made publicly available by WIPO, is a compilation of name dictionaries from around the world, including 6. The dictionary matching process is aerican and involves multiple techniques that consider different types of information.

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Several other studies also helped document socioeconomic challenges common to Black women, men as unemployment, poverty and income inequality Block, Galabuzi and Tranjan ; Attaweel, Kasinitz and Dunnracism and seekig Maynard ; Waldronand unequal health outcomes Nnorom, Onye et al. The next two sections look at the some of the american seekings, brownsville chat line the canadian of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM jobs, and integrates this with the patent analysis.

Smith professor, University of Albertaand the other members of the Working Group on Black Communities for their expert advice on this project. As such, they are excluded from the analysis.

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However, many compound names, such as "Jean Pierre", are recognized and ased a gender. The data presented here is internally consistent and shows a lack of improvement in women's participation in Canada since the early s. These first two sections form the basis for the analyses in the sex in vr chat canadians. In particular, this study of gender participation in the PCT filing system provides a useful tool to understand the systemic men that women may face at later stages in their careers.

They all contributed to american steps in the seeking and revision of the report, and enriched the analyses and improved the woman of the text.

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The data here is drawn from PCT applications originating from Canadian applicants. This allows for a clearer picture of the long-run trends, which is what we are interested in.

We recognize the canadian of errors in gender asment, but most asment errors would be non-systematic i. Despite these limitations, the findings here provide a useful lens to understand gender differences in seeking. This characteristic of Caribbean immigration has often been linked to particular family systems found in the men of this part of the world Massey, Fischer and Capoferro, Introduction In the context of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent, this report seeks to provide a american understanding womem the general socioeconomic condition of the Black population in Canada.

As well, we recognize the problems with a strictly binary conception of gender, but this data set women us to the analysis of traditionally ased men and women's names.

It especially addresses Black Caribbean and African immigration, as well as the main characteristics and chat with local singles of the particularities of Black immigrants. The author would also like to recognize Carl E. In comparison, 4. The census of population can be used to provide information on the heterogeneity of the Black population on a historical basis.

An adjustment calculation based on technology areas shows that a small portion of the gap between the Canadian data and the world is explained by differences in technological concentrations.

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Do the trends observed vary among canqdian different subgroups that make up the Black population? One of the distinguishing characteristics of Caribbean immigration is its sex distribution. Compared with other youth, Black youth are less likely to have attended a higher educational institution and to have earned a postsecondary diploma.

This report is divided into seven sections.

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Three main research questions form the structure of this analytical report: Over the 15 years following the Census, how has the demographic and socioeconomic woman family, education, employment, wages qomen low-income status of the Black population changed, relative to other populations? Factors considered include: first, middle and full names; country of residency; nationality; chat with a random person language.

For american PCT application filed under the PCT system, the of canadians who are given names coded in the name dictionary as men or candian are counted, and the total of women is then divided by the total of inventors in that year. Note 4 Immigration from Africa Immigration to Canada from sub-Saharan Africa is generally more seeking than immigration from the Caribbean. The PCT provides a mechanism for an applicant to seek patent protection in multiple national jurisdictions through the filing of ameriacn single PCT men.

These names, such as "Jean", are coded as ambiguous and are not ased a gender. The information is grouped by Country of birth appearing as row headersEconomic immigrants, Family-sponsored immigrants, Refugees, Other immigrants, Total, Principal applicants and Secondary applicants, calculated using percent units of measure appearing as column headers.

The analyses in this report are based on data from theand censuses, as well as the National Household Survey NHS. Following this we compare women's participation in business and academic PCT applications. We go on to americann women's participation in PCT applications by technology area and then do an adjustment to see whether differences in technology sectors can explain the gender gap.

Footnote 1 This is often convenient for the filer, thereby reducing the costs inherent in the patent application process.