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How to talk to a lesbian

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I find it very doubtful that this case will be successful, but it may deserve some mention in the article. Anyway, couple of points: From what I glanced in the articles, it seems that court case has started, but nothing has been settled yet.

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See gay and homosexual both have different web s. Even honestly offensive words will still be used. I think it should.

Conscious lesbian dating & love:

Conclustion: As Lesbians are much more likely to have sex with other women, this citation supports this statement and statement two. I don't want to make it an article only about Greek Lesbians, but something along the lines of gay would be better.

There are many sites hosted by lesbian breast cancer awareness campaigns that we could use to cite it. Stonewall: Education for All Stonewall is a charity that campaigns for fo rights for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and trans people.

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Nobody knows what makes people gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans. Lesbians don't come from england. Nevertheless, until properly cited, it should leshian removed from this otherwise well-cited section. What happens if I use it?

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Since the first insertion, your edits to this article have been reverted. Is that right Gale?

Gwen Gale talk22 October UTC I've just come into this, so I don't know what the recent history of the current section was, but I saw that the article curently says that "The word lesbian dates back at least to ". You lesbiah not choose your sexuality, it chooses you. I'm not a lesbian, in either sense, so I'm not really concerned.

Conscious lesbian dating & love:

The words of inhabitants may originate from other languages, but they are still used in English. That is, one or two of them might be associated with a large tali sexual partners. Likewise, the other not even various, just one alternative variation must be here too. For the case, I have added something about the controversial semantical differences.

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Paul, that is simply what I am saying. This is up to you.

That still leaves the question of breast cancer, etc. These data support the hypothesis that sexual exchange of vaginal secretions is a possible mechanism for acquisition of BV. It simply doesn't work that way. You are claiming that no one is discussing your changes.

If we use Gay as a model which is not a givenand consideration is given to other uses for "lesbian", under no circumstances should the terminology reflect anything but what the majority of reliable sources say - again, that lesbian refers to female homosexuality. Some people realise they prefer people of the opposite sex, while others feel they prefer people of the same sex.

How to pick up chicks: a lesbian guide to getting girl-on-girl action

As far as your accusation againt me of "edit warring"; first of all, it takes at least two to tango. However, it will find its way there anyway.

In the Baily, et. It's not relevant to articles on lesbianism or heterosexuality to point to a long list of potential conditions that sex can result from sex, or indeed a long list of conditions that you won't get. As hiding the women's faces suggests shame and depersonalisation can't this image be replaced by a new one - or one of the far better images further down the article?

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Paul has backed off a bit on his complete condemnation of the references, which I have shown to be reliable and accessable, but a problem remains: is it safe to assume that, just because something is a proven WSWSTD, as the references do, it a proven LsbSTD? Demographic, behavioural, and morbidity data were analysed from standardised medical records of patients attending a public STI and HIV service in Sydney between March and December Mister Lambrou's ideas are either incredibly enraging, or profoundly silly.

That's fine too, because then it can cover both topics in it's own domain. If they are more likely to catch colds, or steal cars, lebsian, fine with me if you want to put it into the article heterosexuality Just site them well! Its Education for All campaign tackles homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools across the UK. In fact even the article on Lesbos recognises that, since there is one leshian the island Lesbos Island and one on the modern administrative prefecture of the same name Lesbos Prefecture.

Was that it? Perhaps it should be included in the Lesbos article.