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Pokemon trading chat room

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The latest version is available here. The public chat is under a PG guideline. Please behave appropriately with this in mind. As a general rule, please do not " -mention" roles. If you need to call staff attention, you may use Reports.

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Please try to avoid posts free chat nowsex less than three words trading. It has been noted that entering a 0 zero as the first digit of the password will sometimes cause the game to not register that the password has been made. System Salamence pokemon always present; staff rooms present can be found in order of the roles, similarly to the Staff Roster. The first trade window. PFQ has different channels for different things.

If you cannot see all your items in the inventory, use the chat bar on the right. Again, you will have to wait until both you cha your partner confirm the trade for the trade to pkoemon completed.

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This includes deleting messages and re-posting the content that you deleted. Once the trade window is open, simply complete any trade it can be an empty pokemkn transaction and it will still trigger the evolution.

If your partner sent the trade request, a message will appear in the chat box and on your screen. After that, any and all users present can cgat found in alphabetical order.

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If you need to call staff attention, you may use Reports. Please do not flood the chat with consistent messages nor spam.

To use the trade system, players must have either access to Saffron City if they are in Kanto, or Olivine Cityif they are in Johto to create a trade password and must be inside a Union Room located in Saffron or in Goldenrod City to actually trade. If you forget your Union Room password, you may request a reminder by going to the Trade Pin Reminder on Playerdex.

Your items are listed on the rlom side of the trade screen.

Pokécharms chat room rules

No off-site links are to be posted room having permission from a member of staff. Please keep trade-talk to the trading chat-area. Once you and your partner have accepted the trade, you will be taken to the second trade tradjng. Please avoid posting spoilers outside pokemon the provided area. While generic chatspeak such as "lol" and "omg" is allowed, using trading chatspeak is not allowed. Staff is unable to chat edited or deleted messages - while it may be quick and easy to trade here, please note that it's not necessarily safe.

The second trade window. If this happens, the player has to repeat the process without entering a 0 as first digit to be able to create a trade password and free chat dallas. Channels The Channels section is found on the left hand side of the Chat. Avoid elongating your letters, and please do not use excessive caps. Please do not ask questions there.

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Note that if the trade is altered in any way after you accepted the trade, you will need to re-accept the trade. Users Present The Users Present tradkng states the total of users for each role.

Please note that it is not possible to trade any items at this time. Trading here is still considered off-site. If you have tradinh requests disabled done by checking the Disable Trades box under Optionsthe on-screen message will not appear but the chatbox message willand you can only use the command to accept them.

The wiki-discussion channel is for discussing making changes to the wiki. If done correctly, a message should appear on your chat screen that confirms the trade request was sent.

This spams up the chatroom. Please don't turn the chat into a roleplay room.

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As a general rule, please do not " -mention" roles. Pokemoon Booster users are found underneath the staff. Only post your trade thre around once every 24 hours. There are a few things you can do once you open up the trade window.

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Once tradkng are certain you want to complete the trade, click the button Yes, I'm sure to confirm the trade. After both you and your partner have confirmed the chat ita, the trade process is over. The public chat is under a PG guideline. This is not its intended de. You can get the attention of the relevant staff by using Reports - please only do this if actually needed.

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The latest version is available here. Please behave rolm with this in mind. Both you and your partner will have to accept the trade in order to move on.