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Sending you a message

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Send messages to one or more people In the Messages app on your Mac, click the Compose button to start a new message or use the Touch Bar.

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Messaging rates directory chat apply. If you yoj to a non-Apple phone, learn how to deactivate iMessage. When a message contains a request to do something at a particular time or a request where you provide an answer, you can create a reminder. Type your message, then tap the Send button. Can I manage or delete my messages?

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Mentions are available when you use iMessage. message in the field at the bottom of the window. Type your message, then tap the Send button. Contact your carrier for more information.

Depending on their settings, this notifies them even if they have muted the conversation. Forward a message or attachment You can forward a message or an attachment such as a photo or video from a conversation. If you encounter issues while using messages, our troubleshooting tips may help.

Additionally, you must set up your iPhone. Tip: Press Option-Return to insert a line break in a message. To minimize network bandwidth and maximize performance, we show text messages that you've received or sent within the last 30 days.

To delete a group message: Open Messages and find the conversation that you want to delete. To delete a group message: Open Messages and find the conversation that you want to delete. You can include any of the same content as you can when you send messages srnding people. Contact your local sexting numbers for more information.

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Tap Delete. Enter the phone s or addresses of your contacts. Enter the name or phone of a contact. Follow the procedure above to add the picture from your PC to a message.

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q Use mentions in conversations With macOS Big Sur, you can mention other people in a conversation to call their attention to a specific message. If you add three or fewer emoji, they appear as large emoji.

The menu also has an option for inserting an image from your PC. In the Your Phone app, switch to Photos.

How many messages can I see? Click a contact in the list, then click the address or phone. If you receive messages on one device but not the other If you have an iPhone and another iOS device, like an iPad, your iMessage settings might be set to receive and start messages from your Apple Messags instead of your phone.

Audio messages: Click the Record Audio button to send an audio message. RCS messaging is also available for select Samsung devices. Navigate to the folder that contains your picture.

Medsage you see a message that says you left the conversation, then either you left the conversation or you were removed from the group message. Open Messages and tap the group message.

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The message or attachment is sent. You can re a group message only if someone in the group adds you. A new message thread opens for you to begin with. Business Chat helps you get answers to questions, resolve issues, get advice on what to buy, make purchases with Apple Payand more.