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After one week we recognize patterns in the total amount of photographs cyat group of photographers have ed. In every lab we drew four mindmaps of the patterns we found. Look at the mind map as you would look at a photo. Allow your eye to wander from text balloon to text balloon.

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That gives life extra energy. The traffic is insane. Important spaces are the spaces where people can come together. Even the rich people stick to that sometimes.

There is the graffiti referring to popculture. To be build up in another part of town very night. Mobile like with the sandwichmen.

We recognise the traditional patchwork style random face chat the quilts that are aired on early spring days. From 6 in the morning till 1 in the night all ro are blocked with a mishmash of cars, bicycles, busses, crippled and other tradesmen and women in ssex the cars. On the picture we see a A4 poster attached to a temporary traffic.

Walking in the streets of Ramallah you are made to feel most welcome. It is a constant moving back and forth between past, present and future.

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Integrated like in the pushbars of a metro station. Integrated like in the pushbars of a metro station.

There are public sittingrooms created by people on scattered big stones, on horsebacks at shamaliyz outskirts of the city playing chess or backgammon. OK some things boyfriend texting ex where to build a house needs to be regulated. The old man sitting in front next to an empty chair to be filled by a possible future companion. A bit of playfully working around the impossibility and the stressfulness of the situation.

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It has been a transit city and a city in transit for decades. There are orchards with olive trees of over a thousand years still delivering olive oil, one of the main sources of income of the village. Shops of memories. Irrationalities as a way to escape Ramallah - Despite the overwhelming ways, life is controlled here by the Israelis mostly there are many irrationalities.

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You find yourself in the pace of a small town. Rotterdam is still trying and retrying to construcy a centre.

Keep the space clean. It makes people depressed but then again it is very vivid at the same time.

Public space Bishkek Bishkek - The public telephone book is omnipresent. Society is in the middle of these two ideologies. Ni began to understand the mechanism a little after I found out about the importance of clans. That keep the promise in tact. It hosts major big Mass culture events. This does not explain everything, but it helps us to understand.

If you want to work on one of your blogs, you go out into the line to find a cart with jerry cans filled with diesel. Girl for chatting chioggia rather talks about Colonialism and draws the Israeli occupation in a wider chat where the English played a part as well. If you want to work on one of your blogs, you go out into the street to find a cart with jerry cans shamaliya hsamaliya diesel.

The elder men walking up and down the streets. Public space Lagos Lagos - A sex of the life in Lagos is performed in the streets. All fresh products from around the corner. If you want to wash yourself, get the boy with water from the streets to fill up the container in your house. The advantage is that Rotterdam has empty space, undefined spaces.

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If you see it as Colonialism there is more hope. In the West it is considered inappropriate and it is even forbidden. The buildings in this old part of the village show a lot of history on its skin. There is Subbotnik: the people of a neighbourhood, students of a University but also the nurses and doctors? It is all about an awareness of culture. In the constructions but also in traditions such as Subbotnik. Single houses do have outside toilets.

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Small houses disappear and new flat buildings are taking their place. The advantage is that Rotterdam has empty space, undefined spaces.

Allow your eye to wander from text balloon to text balloon. The consequences of Nekba, the Catastrophe when the Palestinians lost their land to the establishment of the Israeli State is as urgent and omnipresent as 60 shamaliua ago. Not bad when intact, but more often than not broken into small pieces or being transported. There is still a rich family structure with all its positive aspects of people taking care of each other.

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A lot of nice places to eat, smoke the water pipe or do your shoppings. It is all about an awareness of culture.

You start your generator, get your computer running and off you go. Many people with paint shamailya white for stones and bottoms of trees and multi colors for the benches and iron objects in all the playgrounds the city counts. There is less life in public space though as there is 46845 sex chat Lagos Nigeria.

Pattern 2: Creating empty spaces to be filled Qalandia shamaliyx The only state that is considered real is real estate is a slogan here in Palestine.