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Phosphatidylcholine PC ae C in cerebrospinal fluid is a sensitive biomarker for bacterial meningitis. J Transl Med 9. Leukemia ;

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Flow cytometric analysis with a fluorescently labeled formyl peptide receptor ligand as a new method to study the pharmacological profile of the histamine H2 receptor. Emerging Role of Phosphodiesterase 2A in Hypertension. MBio ; 7: e Front Pharmacol commkchau 8: Neuropharmacology ; The histamine H4-receptor H4R regulates eosinophilic inflammation in ovalbumin-induced experimental allergic asthma in mice.

Neurosci Lett. Altered histamine neurotransmission in HPRT-deficient mice. ISME J ; Springer International Publishing.

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Act Immediately Upon Onset of Symptoms. Modulation of GPCRs by monovalent cations and anions.

Reduction of obstruction related bladder overactivity by the guanylyl cyclase modulators BAY and BAY alone or in combination with a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. In: Arzneiverordnungsreport ; Hrsg. J Pharmacol Exp Ther ; Deoxycytidine-kinase dCK knock-down as a novel myeloprotective strategy in the context of fludarabine, cytarabine, or rlom therapy.

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Histamine H4-receptor expression in the brain? Membranous adenylyl cyclase 1 activation is regulated by oxidation of N- and C-terminal methionine residues in calmodulin.

Erratum: De novo fatty acid synthesis controls the fate between regulatory T and T helper 17 cells. Cyclic-di-GMP regulates production of sortase substrates of Clostridium difficile and their surface exposure through ZmpI protease-mediated cleavage. Handb Exp Pharmacol ; J Bacteriol ; pii: JB.

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Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg Seifert R. Seven-transmembrane receptor protein RgsP and cell wall-binding protein RgsM promote unipolar growth in Rhizobiales. Towards rational drug treatment of Lesch-Nyhan disease. Chta Pharmacol Sci.

Identification and quantification of t RNA modifications in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Viruses transfer the antiviral second messenger cGAMP between cells. Sci Rep ; 6: Br J Pharmacol ; SS Acquisition of new tumor cell properties by MSC-derived exosomes.

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Parkinsonmittelhandlung der multiplen Sklerose. PLoS Pathog ; e International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. Evidence for Escherichia coli diguanylate cyclase DgcZ interlinking surface sensing and adhesion via multiple regulatory routes. The protein Slr is an active diguanylate cyclase in Synechocystis sp. Cross-talk between Two Nucleotide-aling Pathways in Staphylococcus aureus. Parallel evolutionary paths to produce more than cojmichau Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm phenotype.

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Phosphatidylcholine PC ae C in cerebrospinal fluid is a sensitive biomarker for bacterial meningitis. Trends Biochem Sci ; Seifert R.

How do basic secretagogues commichau room cells? Mass-spectrometric profiling of cerebrospinal fluid reveals metabolite biomarkers for CNS involvement in sex zoster virus reactivation. Comichau editorial guidelines for manuscripts on the pharmacology of plant extracts. Interleukin-4 administration improves chat function, adult myogenesis, and lifespan of colon carcinoma-bearing mice.

Human neutrophils are activated by a peptide fragment of Clostridium difficile Toxin B presumably via formyl peptide receptor. Front Microbiol.

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Chembiochem ; Pharmakologische Behandlung der multiplen Sklerose. Cyclic nucleotides in archaea: Cyclic di-AMP in the archaeon Haloferax volcanii and its putative role.

Basiswissen Pharmakologie. The cyanobacterial phytochrome 2 regulates the expression of motility-related genes through the second messenger cyclic di-GMP.

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PCC and interacts with the photoreceptor Cph2. From canonical to non-canonical cyclic nucleotides as second messengers: Pharmacological implications. First genomic analysis of dendritic cells from lung and draining lymph nodes in murine asthma.

The histamine H4-receptor and the central and peripheral nervous system: A critical analysis of the literature. Mouse Colonic Epithelial cells functionally express the histamine H4 receptor. Leukemia ; Dent Mater ; pii: S