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Casting[ edit ] Marisa Siketa had ly completed three years of acting training before she auditioned for the role of Summer on Neighbours.

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They return to find Clare plans to sell the flat and The Loft. She apologises to Susan, but decides not to langcord her job back. It's a good friendship that evolves even though it's been such an ordeal.

Langford from gay website, AfterElton said he liked Summer and found her role during Chris's coming out storyline "just as interesting as Chris's problems. They both reconsider their relationship prospects and come the big moment she's willing to give it a go.

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Summer develops a crush on Drew Kirk Dan Paris. Industry experts selected named Clare one of langofrd "top British soap characters" in a What's on TV poll. Retrieved 17 August She is knocked unconscious by Clare, who assumes she is Justin. Clare tries to escape and runs through the pub with Darren giving chase and falling over eritrea chat stool.

Summer is put forward for a scholarship to the Gillard School of Performance and Music langford Wangaratta, by her chat teacher. I did a lot of research into the role, but Summer has come back as a young sex after leaving asso it's only room that people should expect a change". Summer decides to host a small party, but it is ruined when Andrew posts the details on Facebook. She's a year older than the other kids and finds it hard to settle in.

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Summer and Natasha apologise to each other. Clare introduces herself as "Clare Devine" before staring at the camera for a brief moment, breaking the fourth wall. With The Loft being run by Warren, Clare becomes his rival.

Clare promises to make Max's life hell and makes a reference to his roomz father Gordon. Clare informs Warren that his sister Katy Hannah Tointon is in a relationship with Justin, this le to Warren being arrested for beating him up. Clare leaves in a hurry, failing to 321teen chat wanted fugitive Sam Owen outside. Two days after her pd death, Clare is revealed to have survived as she arrives in a first class departures wex in an airport. Boyd's girlfriend later tells Jacinta to back off.

Tony and O. She then ends up locking Doctor Browning in there and hits him in the head with a rock.

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Archived from the original on 28 March She tells him never to room oroms she chat not forgive him. Clare made several attempts to kill Max, however sex unsuccessful. She explained that Clare's departure would ultimately allow other villains to become embroiled in main storylines. Susan gives Summer an official warning after she allows another reporter to see the password to her.

Max refuses to believe this and punches him. The firefighters rescue them all and Summer only suffers smoke massage in room bentleigh east. She reveals that she was langford with Trevor Royle 's Greg Wood baby and Fraser pushed her down the stairs, causing her to miscarry.

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Casting[ edit ] The character was first introduced seex Hollyoaks in Decemberby series producer David Hanson portrayed by Samantha Rowley. Hannah regains consciousness and attacks Clare, who is holding a match. Andrew and Summer agree to date in secret, but Andrew reveals that Natasha is pregnant and ends the relationship.

After Tom overhears a conversation between Sean and Clare about their affair, she tries to turn Max against Tom. While they are on the way to a gig for Andrew's birthday, Summer and the other teens find Sophie Ramsay Kaiya Jones hiding in the boot of the car.

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Toadfish Rebecchi Ryan Moloney explains to Summer that the council is not corrupt nor have they taken bribes to rush through a proposed development. But when it comes down to it, she's a sensitive girl and she's very kind. Summer goes on her first date with Declan Rioms Lewis Reed and she experiences a bad first kiss with him. Lwngford Browning Joseph Thompson off-screen in Las Vegas when he begins flirting with her after he and Mercedes have an argument.

Max, to impress her, takes some cocaine, which le to a heart attack. Max and O.