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Vore chat

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Information about the website? Descriptions of things?

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Welcome to the Fatal Vore chat room. Information about the website? The expiring of a life does not mean they go out screaming and in agony. This defeats the entire purpose of the chat.

Any fights must be in the context of a vore RP. Vore RPing is the focus of this chat room.

If they refuse, they will be kicked and possibly banned. Once dead, that character cannot be used again. Plain and simple.

Lists or links to other available characters, is more than welcome. Choose the type of you want to with: Instructions Before entering the vore Perhaps try reading the Wiki, or supplying a better than this blatant copy of C3 About logging in with an : In this chat, all characters must be attached to an. Where becoming a meal is the last anyone will ever see of you.

Predator did not get permission from the prey to have a scene and simply entered and killed char. Any negative attitudes toward that will not be tolerated. If you do not abide by this, you will be told to leave.

Fore a prey agrees to an RP and his character dies in what is obviously vore fun chat room dating, simply regretting his decision to kill off the character is not good enough to allow that character to be used in here again. You need to to your before you can choose or create a character. This includes: Predator power-games or god-mods in a manner where the prey was obviously upset about the ending.

vore If you enjoy RPing Vore, none of these rules should hinder that from happening. Slipping away forever into a pred can be a wonderful chat, if desired. Anyone found to be under vor years of age will be asked to leave.

It's up to the RPers to decide what chta want. Logging into this chat room means that you have read and agree to all of the rules listed above. Descriptions of things?

If you don't have one, do something somewhere blah.